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We are redirecting all of our WHMCS traffic to SSL with .htaccess but aWHMCS does not seem to work with this configuration.

I notice that aWHMCS for android does not seem to support SSL. It gives the error: Hostname '' was not verified.

It would be great if aWHMCS had support for WHMCS websites that are running HTTPS for all pages.


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Thanks to WHMCS support, this is also a known issue with SNI support on multiple domains using the same IP. If you have multiple WHMCS installations on the same server and want to access to both installations from the app, unfortunately for now you will have to select which host supports SNI or obtain another public static IP so that both hosts can support SNI and you can access your WHMCS data and both installations via aWHMCS.
I had this working under my previous host but when I moved my WHMCS and re-issued the license, I received this error and cannot seem to find a work around. Why would I log into my WHMCS with Admin Credentials not using SSL. Seems kind of silly. Any guidance is welcome but this should definetly been corrected. Please?