Yes, auto-saving is an absolute must, or at least during "draft" status. There have been times when I change the description of a line item, and forget to press "Save Changes" before deleting a different line item. When doing so, I lose the changes that I made to the descriptions on the quote. Why can't deleting a line item, also save changes? Or why isn't this an AJAX event that doesn't require page reload to operate?

Also, why isn't there local storage to avoid data loss when sessions time out? There have been a number of times when I get distracted by phone calls, or am even just taking my time to write an attractive proposal, and my progress is lost when sessions time out. Either auto-saving, or local storage so that there is an offline cache available would solve these issues and generally create a nicer experience for your users.

The more I use WHMCS, the more I stumble into little oversights like this and it just makes the system feel so dated. I really feel like there needs to be more focus on modernising the backend, not just the frontend. I lose time when I encounter things like this in WHMCS, and that frustrates me to no end.