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Automated Notifications To Inactive Clients

WHMCS has as part of its automated function a feature that automatically deletes inactive clients based on either active/inactive products or active/inactive products and not logged in for longer than 3 months.

Before deleting a customer account, shouldn't the client be given a warning twice or thrice that his or her account will be deleted?

This can be achieved with adding Email Marketer >>> Client Related >>> Inactive Client.

Deleting an account is a huge step and if a customer has personal issues that have prevented him or her from accessing his or her, then come back later to start off, meeting a situation where he or she can't gain access is deal-breaker for anyone.

WHMCS should either have as part of its Sign-in feature an option where an inactive account can be reactivated by the customer.

Or give an option where WHMCS can send notifications thrice before the system terminates and deletes the account.



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Thanks, John.

The thing is that you and the team behind WHMCS has a great opportunity to turn WHMCS into an awesome product.

It can be a great marketing tools with inbuilt SEO options, affiliate system and support system if it can integrate even Zendesk, Hubspot, Helpdesk with just an API key instead of the out-dated Kayako.

The scenario you have describe may work with normal hosting accounts with caveat.

But anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

Why not go out of the way and make the experience one that is so invisible that we don't have to think about it?

If the notification is sent, not only does it meet regulatory requirements, but keeping the account owner informed of his or her options is part of the process.

While we are waiting for WHMCS to decouple the affiliate system and give it its own login within WHMCS, think about how sending this notification can also help the Affiliate users and providers who needs any help they can get to grow.

Sorry for the long post but I know that WHMCS can truly be brought into the 21st century and made a fantastic, indispensable tool.

Hi Jazia,
Thanks for your suggestion for an account deletion reminder email. I'll be interested to see who else would find this useful. I don't believe such an email is a legal requirement in a big territory at present.

I'd like to take a moment to address a few of the discussion points you brought up:

A client is only marked as inactive once all their services/domains are out of Active status, so the client won't have any services to be restored by that point.

* If they login to the client area, the "logged in since" timer will be reset.
* If they place a new order - or a member of staff re-activates a service - then the client status will automatically change to Active.

This is an optional feature, so can be turned off, keeping inactive clients indefinitely.