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Escalation Rules by Hour (out of office)

First of all, my english is not good.
I write with the help of translation.
So if you don't understand, please ask.
Let me try to explain it better.

You know that there is a system called referral in support requests.
If the request is not answered within 10 minutes, it is on hold.
I want to develop this system even more and want something like automatic message outside of working hours. I am sure that many companies also want this.
Our working hours are 09:00-20:00. When someone creates a support request around 21:00 in the evening, our system user automatically says to him "We are out of office hours at the moment. Your request for support will be answered during our working hours." A response is given and put on hold. This was an example. Let it be a panel that we will enter in the form of day and time. I think it's a great idea.
Please take it seriously.

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