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auto mail new announcement

  • Dwight Alvin Giovanno Setyawardhana shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Support

every announcement certainly have a important news. so can you automatically email to user when announcement created ?


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This seems to assume that you want to notify everyone all of the time. One of the benefits of the mass mail tool is that it allows you to filter exactly who gets your email. Also by using the mass mailer you would be able to customise the text for email, maybe add a personalised greeting, etc...
i would like our clients to receive a notification email of the new announcement too

i mean really... we cannot expect our clients to be logged in to our portal all the time to be aware of announcements we send

I also understand the mass mail tool exists for important emails to users but sometimes announcements are important too (actually pretty much all of them are) but i shouldn't have to perform a mass email and the have to post the announcements too, it's just double handling
I totally agree with you Mitch. I don't understand why we are getting automated and repeated answers here .. ??