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auto client via email

is it possible in WHMCS to auto create a client for the customer who submit his first ticket?

imagine I active pipe feature so if they send email to [email protected] a ticket will open for them automatically .

but I want to create account for that person if it's email doesn't exist in system ( what available in kayko )
if it's not possible I'll be glad to see it in the next version


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I just requested this in the Custom Integration section but got turned away saying that you weren't accepting any custom work at the moment. I think however this would be a major feature to introduce. My thoughts were that a client or sub-account would be created based on the domain name they entered. For instance if you already have a client with the email address [email protected] then some other user from that company logs a ticket say [email protected] then they automatically get assigned to the same client.
if someone is opening ticket from an unregistered email address, this could be tricky to associate his NEW/UNREGISTERED email with his existing account simply based on domain name.

Imagine I mention your domain name and open ticket wtih my email - that gets associated to your account.

Giving me control on your account.
Lucas Rolff wrote:So lets say you receive some spam emails, you will end up having tons of accounts, that is just fake.
then we can have some email to verify the customer first.
for example after sending the first email , an email can send him automatically with a link which include captcha or something else....
and the important thing is it can be an optional feature and may be it is not necessary for all people to active it.
Please note that if a customer send a mail the ticket will be opened on his client ID and will be associate correctly.
So WHMCS can "read" the sender info and associate the ticket to the customer.

The problem is just when a customer open a new ticket via the customer portal while not being log in to the client area and if an admin is opening a new ticket on behalf of the client (and not searching the client info in the system).

This is strange issue,
Why a customer can sent a mail and the ticket is opened on his client ID and will be associate correctly and via the system itself it's not working?

Please consider changing it.
You can do it by:

1. Converting the "contact us" form ( or to a mail that will be sent to the system - and then the ticket will be opened correctly. or any other way to make the system to check it the mail address was used by a registered client.

This issue is less important, much more important is when an admin opens a ticket:

2. Add / merge the "client search" filed in the ticket with the email filed - so when an admin open a new ticket it will act the same as using the "client search" filed and if there is a registered client with the same mail - the ticket will be open associate to the client.
just like using the "client search" filed inside the ticket - but without forcing the admin to check before typing the email address in the email filed.
So lets say you receive some spam emails, you will end up having tons of accounts, that is just fake.