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AuthNet VOID function in addittion to Refund function

  • Jason Felber shared this idea 10 years ago
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  • 4 Comments waits until midnight every day to submit transactions to the banks, even if the gateway is set to auth+capture. Before midnight, the status of the transaction is 'Unsettled'. After it is submitted to the bank at midnight, the status then changes to 'Settled'. They do not allow the refund button in WHMCS or other carts to be used for unsettled transactions. They have a different function to VOID unsettled transactions. A button for this in WHMCS would be helpful to cancel suspicious transactions before they are submitted to the bank.


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It's been 3+ years, can we please get this done?
I too would like this - then we can void a transaction before it settles and it wont even show on the customer card.
Right now we have to do it manually thru the web terminal and i don't want to give staff access to that - would be great to just hit void in WHMCS - can be a separate button like my old system had. Try void if that is not avail because it settled then use refund instead.
This needs to be done, it's not ideal to have to wait until the next day to refund a transaction or having to log into the portal to void the transaction by hand.
Not even a button. There is a particular response code that is returned for refund attempts on transactions that "don't meet the criteria" (unsettled), 54. All that needs to happen is a simple if check.

1. Try refund.
2. If success, be done.
3. If failed with reason code 54, try void.
4. If success, be done.
5. If failed still...then it's an error.

Seems like a simple fix that needs to happen.