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Allow us to tell which domains are affected in mass mails

If you're doing maintenance on a server you have three ways to communicate it.

- Send one e-mail per domain.
- Send one e-mail per customer.
- Post it on the status page and hope that they have seen it before the tickets start flooding in.

Not one of them is perfect. We have customers with 30 websites and they are not all on the same server. It can happen that 5 accounts are on server1 and 25 accounts are on server2.

What if we're planning maintenance on server2? Looking at the options we have, we can either send them 25 e-mails or just 1. Obviously you only want to send one e-mail. Doing that assumes your customer knows on which server they are and often they don't remember that.

This isn't very customer friendly.

The solution would be to have an extra merge field that includes all domains of server2 for customers that receive an e-mail. That way we can tell them which domains are affected by our maintenance.


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No. What if a customer has 30 domains on one server and 20 on another server? We need to send one e-mail and that email would say: we're doing maintenance on server(s) A, B, C. This affects the following domains: F, G, H.

Our maintenance is NOT on a product level, they are on a server or segment level (such as a group).

This was discussed in a ticket with you too. You would discuss if a sponsored feature was possible. After a while the ticket was randomly closed, I asked for more details, but nobody replied in over a month. Your track record is pretty poor so we asked ModulesGarden to help us out. It's not as good as it would have been if it was integrated in WHMCS, but it will do.

I hope you can still make this feature but you can understand that, yet again, I am disappointed how WHMCS communicates to its customers and we will not be sponsoring you to make it.
Hi Thomas,
Thanks for submitting this request.
The server assignment can be selected when composing a "Product" type welcome email (see attached). The {$service_domain} merge field is available to identify the domain on the affected server.

Would that meet your requirements?