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Allow Markdown Image In Tickets / Signature

It is hugely important to humanize the interaction we have with our clients over tickets. We really want to include a staff image in ticket signatures, but have not found any way to do it. I'm not sure why the image markdown function is disabled. It seems this would be an easy fix.


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Can anyone add a picture?


it's supposed to work this way, but it doesn't.
Another place to add the image markdown function is to the client profile notes in the note tab.
I know that markdown allows adding pictures - but it's not working for me.

This is the code that should work:

![Client Picture](link to the picture.png "picture?")

But it's not working.

When I try the same code in a markdown online editor (such as the above code is working without a problem.

My goal is to create a sticky note with a picture of the client that will be added (as any other ticket note) to the client profile and to each ticket.

So please add the option to add image via the markdown image function.

By the way - If its off because of a security issue - maybe you can limit the image origin to be on our server or something like that.