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Allow customer to renew hosting product at any time

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Right now if the customer would like to renew their hosting early, they have to contact us because there is no option to renew for web hosting in WHMCS. Currently the only way to renew before due date:

1. Goto the clients details admin area page.

2. From the summary tab scroll down, select the product and then click the
button "Invoice selected items".

It would be great if the customer could renew there hosting just like they can renew their domains at any time.
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    Renew Products option Before Due date in customer area
    Please add Renew Product option before the renew date so customers can renew it for more months or years before expiry date from customer area


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Howdy Folks!

Wanted to drop in and provide an update on this. We're currently picking this up to work on and wanted to provide some details on the direction we're heading.
For the initial version of this, we are looking at two parts:

Admin Area:
In the administrative area, we are going to be adding the ability specify on a per product basis whether on demand renewal is on (off by default), and allow specification of the number of days before the due date to offer on demand renewal.

Client Area:
We'll be largely mirroring the domain renewal flow for clients, including adding a service renewal page that will show eligible-to-renew services as well as several funnels to raise awareness of the ability to renew early and aid clients in finding that renewal.

Our current forecasted arrival version is 8.8.
I look forward to any feedback y'all may have on this direction.
We would love to have that!
I hope when this is implemented, it's optional. With the increase of everything these days, it's hard to let someone prepay for 2+ years right now. cPanel license cost increase being one example.
Any update please?
Uptil now this feature has not been implemented. Clients can renew domain name themself but client can't renew the hosting themself.

Even when the domain name has a hosting service yet the billing system (WHMCS) only has the feature for the client to renew the domain name themself. This is generating unnecessary troubles from clients.

Please we wish you may re-consider this feature and implement it. Thanks & Regards.
Big +1! We want it! :-)
This is Planned since last 7 Years, Hope this is present in v8 , this is a must feature for a Billing System like WHMCS

@WHMCS can you please update the status
This is a very important feature yet it has not been implemented. This is making clients to always contact support to generate an invoice for hosting renewal. We currently use modulegarden but the renew button is hidden under the hosting section. We want our clients to be able to renew the hosting easily without contacting us. It would be fine if there is a hosting renew link under services menu just like there is domain renew is under domain menu. This time the domain name should be tied to the hosting once client try to renew.

Can you please integrate the hosting renewal urgently please. This is a very useful feature I believe everyone needs.
yes, it should be very useful, but it hasn't been implemented yet... @WHMCS John Is there any news about this feature?
The year is coming to an end, but this option didn’t appear
Hi there,
2019 contained some exciting developments for the web-hosting industry, including a big pivot towards billing based upon consumption and the number of accounts provisioned, which generated a large demand in a short space of time.
We were excited to be able to react to this change quickly to deliver a cPanel licensing resale module and usage billing functionality; both significant features which we know is an essential feature for many business' operations. Not to mention the 32 other release-noteworthy features delivered last year.

On-demand renewals for products continues to be something we are keen to deliver in future, and will look to re-schedule in future.
2019 passed.
We are still waiting this feature.
Is it will be available in v8?
Please can you implement this feature urgently?
Hi all,
Thanks for your votes and comments on this idea. I'm pleased to say this is something we're planning to implement in 2019.
Take a look at our Year in Review Blog Post for more information:
It would be great if the customer could choose to pro-rate their hosting plan so that their annual payment comes at the same time as their domain.
Yes, it's necessary
its good! Please add it?
If the client renews a domain and if he has a hosting plan for this domain, then it should show the option to renew the hosting plan also and vice-versa,