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Admin area left panel, add-remove links to my favourites

  • xxxmicrobexxx shared this idea 6 years ago
  • Admin Area

It would be great to be able to configure the left panel in the admin area to include the links I want/need rather that what is there by default, most of which are of no use to me.


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Another upgrade...more manual theme fixes.

This is really silly WHMCS. How about child pages to themes?
In this situation, manual updating of your template would be required.

You can use a tool such as git to check the changes between the templates, ensuring you keep your custom changes.
But if I create a separate admin template, it doesn't get any updates, especially critical ones.

We recommend creating a separate admin template to avoid having your customisations lost when updating:
Child themes are supported in order form templates, I'd be interested to see interest from other uses in rolling this out to the admin area template system too. Don't hesitate to open a new feature request for that.

Your answer turns out to be unworkable. After spending a lot of time getting the left panel to look how i wanted, an update to 7.3.0 has wiped all my work.

There is a really simple solution that WHMCS doesn't seem to be interested in. It works like child themes in WordPress, custom folders in ModX and similar ideas in loads of other software. If there is a matching file in the "child" directory, that is the one that is loaded, it is never over-written in an upgrade.
Thanks, but in 2017 one should need to edit a template. It should be a drag and drop or checkbox option.
...should not need to edit...

Thanks for your suggestion. The admin area sidebar can be cusotmised via the /admin/templates/*your active template*/sidebar.tpl template file.