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admin access to ONLY specific support department

  • Swehoster shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Admin Area

We are looking to be able to create an admin user to manage a specific support department.
This admin should NOT be able to see anything else.
No client data should be accessible only the Support department tickets.

With this feature a client could have it's own support staff or we could hire a partner to manage a ticket queue.


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How can you say this is already possible?
If I use it the way it works the admin can allways see every user in the DB.
Please try it yourself.
Just click "Client Name" and you get a dropdown.
There are a few places where this is visible and that's NOT ok, not since GDPR.

Please advise.

Best regards
I've tried every possibility but it always ends up with admin can see all users in the fields.
I think there should be an option to ONLY answer tickets without displaying the "to" fields etc.
If you try to create a admin a user that isn't within the company but only there to reply to tickets in a specific department.
I find that impossible.
We have some clients that actually would like to have a department for all their own clients, strange but not all bad, to manage their own tickets.

Please try to accomplish this and if you find a solution please advise.

Best regards
Now you can select what each admin have access to via the Administrator Roles and the Assigned Admin Users under the department settings - Is it not good enough?