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AddTicketReply API function addition

This might not be the correct API function but, what would be nice is to have more API functions based on ticketing status changes or replies.

Here's what we're trying to accomplish but can't. Our customer base mostly uses email (99 percentile) to send in new email requests, and reply to existing tickets. The challenge for us is we're merging a LOT of tickets because users think we have an email system and have no clue as to what a ticketing system.

We've tried all kinds of email reply message headers, you name it but, people don't read those. Only what they typed and what our reply is.

What would be nice is when we use the ticket merge feature, to either have an auto-reply sent via an email template OR being able to use the Notification Rule feature to catch a merge call to send automated emails on merging tickets.

This alone would save us hours of work each month from having to constantly use the Insert Predefined Replies feature.

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