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Additional fields for predefined replies

Hi, It would be nice to have other fields besides name, firstname, email for predefined replies.

For example

- to have a key for a FAQ and add something like: "[#FAQ how-to-change-email-password]" and this can be transformed to that FAQ complete title and URL.
- to create small snippets we use in more that one predefined reply, for example a warning or explanation note. So, if we need to modify it, we can do it in just one place and call it by its keyname "[#SNIPPET my-first-snippet ]"
- to include in the reply the user last ip like [USERIP]
- to include the domain the ticket is related to, for example [DOMAIN]. This would be helpful, for example when a customer says the domain is not working I have a predefined reply explaining " the domain has expired....." It would be nice to have the predefine reply like "the domain [DOMAIN] has expired... So I don't have to copy and paste it.
- to see the text replace in the predefined reply when previewing the ticket and not [NAME], like it does when I add a Knowledgebase Link.
- to assign something that would trigger a popup asking for some inputs completion like [INPUT USEDINODES] and [INPUT LIMITINODES]. When selecting that reply the popup would open with two fields to complete the Inodes limit and the Used Inodes. So the reply would be formatted like " You've reached the '10.000' inodes limit of your plan, and your website is using 12.000 inodes"...

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