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Add the "TO" recipients of an email to the ticket

Few versions ago WHMCS added a wonderful feature - Auto Add Carbon Copy Recipients to as ticket.
This is a superb addition and one that was requested for along time by the community.

But this feature is lacking a very important part for us - the "TO" recipients of the email / ticket.

Now when a customer send an email with us in the "To" email address and some other addresses in the CC address - we get the email and see all the other addresses that were in the CC of the email.

When we answer such a ticket all the recipients are getting the response (the person who sent us the email + all the other CC recipients) - and this is wonderful.

But when a customer sent an email and we are set as a CC - we do get the email, but we have no way to know we are only CC on the email and are not expected to answer it directly.

Also when answering such a ticket only the person who sent us the email + all the other CC recipients will get the reply while the one in the "TO" address will not get it.

Similar Issue happens when there is more than one email address set as the "TO" of the email.
If a customer is sending an email to us in the "TO" address but also to another address as the "TO" - we will not see this additional address in the ticket, nore any replay we will send will reach this address.

As far as I see it there is a problem with the fact that the "To" address is not added to the ticket.

If the "TO" address was added to the ticket we could know if we are the recipient of the email or not, and if there are others in the "To" address and who are they etc.

The only thing to make sure is that when answering such a ticket, our reply should not be send to us again - but if there are other addresses in the "To" address they should get such a reply.


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