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Add the ability for external Affiliate URL redirects

Right now, WHMCS only allows redirects within WHMCS, but what if you need a landing page outside of WHMCS? You're stuck. By adding once simple line of code to the aff.php file, you can add a "redirect" parm that redirects the user to any url set by the affiliate.

See this link:

The code is:

run_hook("AffiliateClickthru", array(
'affiliateId' => $aff,
==== new code =====
// if redirect parm is passed in, redirect to url
if ($url = $whmcs->get_req_var('redirect')) redir("","https://".$url);
==== new code =====

The new affiliate url now looks like this:

A very easy update. Should not cause any security issues.

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