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Add support ticket overview widget back to the admin dashboard or to the Support Overview section

In the new admin dashboard introduced in version 7.1 - few widgets was removed.
One of them is the "support ticket overview" widget.

This is a fast and very important way to view the tickets load distribution across my departments.
Using this widget I can see which department is overload - which department can help and so on.
The "Awaiting Reply by Status" help me investigate and control the type of ticket we handle (while using relevant tickets statuses to indicate the status or the reason this case was opened for).
Please re add this widget as part of the formal release and maintenance of WHMCS (not just manually import it from old version).

If there is no room for it in the new Admin dashboard - maybe you can add it to the Support Overview section (Support -> Support Overview)?
I think that this is a very useful information - so if it's going a way as a widget in the admin dashboard maybe it can be added directly to the Support Overview.

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