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Add new currency format 1.234

  • eduardo shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Admin Area


In my country the format is 1.234,56 but the decimals are not used, because because there is no such small FIAT coin (in Chile).

Then should be great add a new currency format 1.234



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any solution? i also looking this new format.. 1.234 (not 1.234,55)
this is a function that can take as little as 5 minutes for whmcs.

there is no way available even with a hook to format all the products on the page.

I don't see any use for your answer.
I support this idea, you could add the format 1.234.567

periods instead of commas, without decimals ..
Hi Eduardo,
Thanks for your suggestion.

As an immediate potential solution, custom price formatting can be used to change the appearance of currency values in the public and client pages: