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Add "Marketing Emails Opt Out" filter to Mass Mail tool

  • JamesOakley shared this idea 11 years ago
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The new check box for Marketing Opt-Out is great. But it only applies to scheduled e-mails sent out via the e-mail marketing tool.There are times when I send an e-mail out to all active clients, or some other selection, using the mass mail tool, but would like to exclude clients who have opted out of marketing messages.
(Use case example: I want to send a one-off e-mail advertising a special offer. That comes under marketing, so I'd want to respect someone who opted out. But I don't want to set up a new e-mail template and create some kind of schedule - it's a one-off e-mail just for today).
Any chance we could have another filter added to the mass mail tool to allow me to filter in this way?

1 Comment

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This has always been supported by selecting the option "Marketing Email" when composing the email message.