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Add "LTS" as an Update Channel in the WHMCS Automatic Updater

Our company is tracking the LTS releases here . Currently we can't use the Automatic Updater for this as it either goes to the very latest version (if set to stable) or the latest 'current version' . Please add the ability to select LTS in the updater list below.

Current Automatic updater channels are as follows:

Stable - Recommended for Production Use

Release Candidate - Upcoming release preview. Not recommended for production

Beta - Use for testing and development only

Current Version - Restricts to maintenance updates for the currently installed version (7.5)


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I agree.

Is not uncommon that some plugin or 3rdparty billing method used in my WHMCS still needs time to be update to a new version or even switched to an alternative and sometimes the beta/rc phases are not enough to do this, or even a new version come with some serius bug not detected during tests but that happen during production.

The use of LTS give us time to do such preparations. But it's little hard to do updates manually. If you can add a combobox with LTS versions available like was done in cpanel it would be great for us.
Hi John,
Thanks for commenting on this. If the LTS option was selected for our use case we would want the system to update to the latest and highest version LTS release (in this example V7.6.2). Hope that helps.

Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.
At the time of writing, there are currently two versions in LTS status (7.6 and 7.5).
How would you envisage this situation being handled if a new "TLS" option was selected in the auto-update channel?