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Add legal agreements per product/service

For example, when ordering a domain name, it would be beneficial for me if the user could have to agree to a "Domain Registration Agreement" and/or to the terms of the respective domain registry. Or when ordering an external service (e.g. CodeGuard, SiteLock, etc.), add links to the TOS and Privacy Policy of those particular services. Checkboxes and links to the legal agreements should be added depending on the product or product group that exist(s) in the cart.

I believe these could even be legal requirements in some countries. For example, in Germany and probably other EU countries, it's required to add a separate checkbox for every single agreement. It's not allowed to simply link to a "Legal" page that has a list of links to all agreements. Agreements that the client has not explicitly agreed to during the order process are not applicable.

Currently, WHMCS only offers the option to require the agreement to the Terms of Service when placing an order.

There's also the "Second terms agreement checkbox on checkout page hook" available at

However, there is no option to add further legal agreements for a specific product/service only.

I'd like to see this function added officially in WHMCS, or at least have the above hook extended so we can add agreements depending on the cart items (e.g. if X product is in cart, add its respective agreement checkbox).

Thank you in advance.

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