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Add all products in bundle without having to click continue for each one

  • Shad Valentine shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Order Forms

I have product bundles that have as many as 5 products in them, currently clients have to click continue on each product in the bundle, I would like to have a setting in the bundle that would allow products to add to the cart without clicking continue on that product.

Currently a client wanting a 5 product bundle will have to click the bundle, click continue 5 times, and then go through the checkout.

I would like to be able to have the client click the bundle, click continue on only the items that I set as needing information, and then go through checkout. Doing this could mean that the client would only need to click the bundle and then go through checkout.


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Thank you for the responce WHMCS John,

I had just asked through a support ticket if I could create new products that did not require the client to make a choice, if it would do what you just said, they told me that it would not work, I tried it and it did in fact work.

I would still like to see a way to configure the products in the bundles so that we can default them to billing cycles, and any other configurable options so that the products auto add without the clients having to make a choice and clicking continue multiple times. This way we would not have to create new products for each bundle.
Hi Shad,
Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I shall feed that back to the analyst who ssisted you on this occassion.
Hi Shad,
Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback.
At present, when a product has no options which require client configuration, it is automatically added to the cart without further confirmation from the client. However if there is some configuration required; eg. multiple billing cycles, addons or configurable options, the client will need to make their selection and click continue for each.