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Add ability to query Argentine ccTLD whois

It would be a nice and useful detail if you could add this code to /resources/domains/dist.whois.json:

"extensions": ",,,,,,,",
"uri": "socket://",
"available": "No hay datos disponibles."

Please take this into consideration, as other providers from my country will find it very useful.
Thanks in advance!


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Hi there,
WHMCS can check the availability of over 800 domain extensions as standard. Any additional whois servers can be added at your end by creating a /resources/domains/whois.json file and entering the whois server details for the desired TLD.

Further information is published in our documentation:
Yes. I know I can add it manually. I did it, actually. But I wanted to look for a way to make this source always available so you don't have to readd the code after every WHMCS upgrade. Possible?
Hi Marcelo,
The whois.json file is not overwritten when updating WHMCS, so custom whois servers remain defined after applying an update.
Seriously? Wow, I had paused updates to avoid having to use time to readd code.

Please add that comment to the info page in
Hey John, I have updated WHMCS from 7.6.0 to 7.6.1 and the whois.json file was overwritten. So, the above assumption was wrong. Also, in the Release Notes for 7.6.1, it states that whois file was updated for ccTLDs .gr, .sa and .cl. So... why don't adding .ar in the next rollout? :-)
@marceloP: The dist.whois.json will get overwritten. However, you can make your own whois.json which will not get overwritten. I can confirm the whois.json does not exist in the latest download of WHMCS.