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Add a private staff notes as part as an support ticket escalations rule


We are using the escalations rule system in order to move tickets from department to department after a specific time frame, let's say we want to automatically move all the tickets that in status "open" for more than 24 hours from the support department to the support manager or to change the status of the ticket etc.

In such a case we need a way to automatically add a inside note (using the regular private staff notes system in the ticket) to all the tickets that were escalated with info what the should be done with the ticket.

so we need a way to add a private staff notes to a ticket via the escalations rule system.

Now there is a way to send the customer a comment - we want the same thing but for a private staff notes.

some years ago WHMCS Chance said that he can see how this would be beneficial if you didn't want the escalation rule to apply an actual reply to the ticket, but you would like to leave a note for your staff on why this ticket was escalated/etc. - but the old feature request is in archive.

What do you think?
Can you please reconsider it?

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