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Add a gender field to the client fields

Right now when a client signs up there is no gender field. So when sending out an email you can't address the recipient with "Dear sir lastname" or Dear madam lastname".

So this is a very simple request to add a gender field to the clients as well as contacts.


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Illegal where I am. Perhaps this might be an optional feature that can be disabled in the settings (if it's considered)?
Thanks for your response. But a custom field like that is hard to integrate with the cart order form. When a client signs up and fills out his details i don't want a blank gender field.
Hi there,
This could be achieved today with a Custom Client Field to obtain the client's gender, then in your email template, use some conditional logic to display the appropriate salutation based upon their selection, eg:

  • {if $client_custom_field_gender eq 'Male'}
  • Dear Mr {$client_last_name},
  • {elseif $client_custom_field_gender eq 'Female'}
  • Dear Ms {$client_last_name},
  • {else}
  • Dear Mx {$client_last_name}
  • {/if}
  • [/co]

    Alternatively, create the custom client field for "Salutation" and ask the customer to choose their preferred option; Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mx etc, and just include that directly in email tempaltes, EG:

  • Dear {$client_custom_field_salutation} {$client_last_name},
  • [/co]