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Ability to stop sending payment reminder emails for specific clients

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Right now we can disable sending overdue notices on a per client basis. Using the "
Don't Send Overdue Emails" option in the client profile.

When this option is selected the payment reminder emails are still being sent. Only the overdue notices are blocked.

We need an extra option to disable the payment reminder emails too since some clients have a special payment agreement with us.
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    Disable Payment Reminder Notifications on a Per Account Basis
    The automated 'Payment Reminder Notification' is useful in most situations, however, for clients that have setup automated payments on the day that the invoice is due - it's a redundant reminder, and we've received a few requests to disable it. Similar to how the "Don't Send Overdue Emails" option can be set on a per account basis, a similar "Don't Send Payment Reminders" checkbox in each client's profile would also be a huge help.


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i totally back this too. Long overdue a re-work, as reminders for ALL just doesn't work. Some customers pay quick, others pay 60 days +. I have numerous customers who do not need reminders and I am not bothered about sending them. I get paid when I get paid and I am happy. The ability to disable invoice reminders for specific customers or specific products would be really good.
So to add on to this, There are Multiple Domains on Each customer account. Those Multiple emails could be (On a per client basis) for renewals - imagine for a large customer account, customer getting alert mails constantly.

So this feature should be also able to give the Manager a complete control to configure emails - Fo which Alerts etc. So Basically a Small Module can be made form where the email Alerts can be controlled, configured and Designed (Customized) for the organisation.
Agree with Jesse. Need to be able to disable any sort of invoice email per customer. Be that Reminder, New Invoice or Paid.

Having "per client automation controls" mirror the global ones would be good.
Selectively disabling emails for particular clients, for all type emails if need.
I see this being requested often. My Clients don't want the reminders / notifications.
This needs to be added asap it has been on another request for 4years
Yes please, this is important as for Payments which pulls the Provider, the Customer has nothing to do with delay of Payment.
This! Also for regular invoices.

My clients all have PayPal subscriptions and they only want the recipe of payment, they don't want the invoice.
It would be great to select which email templates cannot be sent to individual customers. We have a ton of customers that are set to mailin/check payment and we know they are sending the payment. We do not want them to get all of the reminder/suspension/termination emails that our credit card and paypal customers are receiving.