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Ability to stop sending payment reminder emails for specific clients

Right now we can disable sending overdue notices on a per client basis. Using the "
Don't Send Overdue Emails" option in the client profile.

When this option is selected the payment reminder emails are still being sent. Only the overdue notices are blocked.

We need an extra option to disable the payment reminder emails too since some clients have a special payment agreement with us.


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To not send to specific clients, see this GIST:

To not send when a specific payment method is chosen, see this GIST:
Yep this is a must. We use a direct debit system, and payments are made in batches at the end of the month. All these clients are getting overdue notices leading to a lot of needless accounting support and worry. Please make this part of a group setting?
The option to select yes / no per client to enable "SEND overdue REMINDERS" should simply include ALL reminders (pre & post-due date). Should be an easy change.

Why is this important? Clients that need those post reminders, ALSO need to receive the "INVOICE REMINDER EMAIL" pre-due date. Currently that pre-due date reminder cannot be used at all, as they go to my "good" customers regardless of that setting.
Has there been any update on this feature request from 4 years ago?
We have made a Little Solution for that
Oh Daniel, please share :-)
yes please, we need it as well, it will be very useful and it don't seem so hard to be implemented
This feature is must and we need it in new update.
WHMCS Team, Please consider this option.
Yes please but also rework the current overdue cost to actually add the correct costs every day, thanks
i totally back this too. Long overdue a re-work, as reminders for ALL just doesn't work. Some customers pay quick, others pay 60 days +. I have numerous customers who do not need reminders and I am not bothered about sending them. I get paid when I get paid and I am happy. The ability to disable invoice reminders for specific customers or specific products would be really good.
Selectively disabling emails for particular clients, for all type emails if need.
I see this being requested often. My Clients don't want the reminders / notifications.
This needs to be added asap it has been on another request for 4years
Yes please, this is important as for Payments which pulls the Provider, the Customer has nothing to do with delay of Payment.
It would be great to select which email templates cannot be sent to individual customers. We have a ton of customers that are set to mailin/check payment and we know they are sending the payment. We do not want them to get all of the reminder/suspension/termination emails that our credit card and paypal customers are receiving.