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Ability to stop sending payment reminder emails for specific clients

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Right now we can disable sending overdue notices on a per client basis. Using the "
Don't Send Overdue Emails" option in the client profile.

When this option is selected the payment reminder emails are still being sent. Only the overdue notices are blocked.

We need an extra option to disable the payment reminder emails too since some clients have a special payment agreement with us.
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    Disable Payment Reminder Notifications on a Per Account Basis
    The automated 'Payment Reminder Notification' is useful in most situations, however, for clients that have setup automated payments on the day that the invoice is due - it's a redundant reminder, and we've received a few requests to disable it. Similar to how the "Don't Send Overdue Emails" option can be set on a per account basis, a similar "Don't Send Payment Reminders" checkbox in each client's profile would also be a huge help.


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I have a client that also requested to not receive the payment received notification. It does seem a bit redundant sending 1) invoice created 2) reminder 3) Payment received. Please give us the option - per client - of selecting what notifications to send.
To not send to specific clients, see this GIST:

To not send when a specific payment method is chosen, see this GIST:
Customer just made this request to me. It would be better is this was part of the programming to have a group where no invoice reminders are sent.
Yep this is a must. We use a direct debit system, and payments are made in batches at the end of the month. All these clients are getting overdue notices leading to a lot of needless accounting support and worry. Please make this part of a group setting?