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Unlink a client from a support ticket

  • Jennifer May shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Support

Currently when a ticket comes in and a client is linked to it, the only way to remove that client is to select another client. We are needing to remove all clients and leave the field blank in some instances.
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    Bring back the option to change a ticket from registered customer to unregistered one
    Hi, This functionality was part of the system until recently... I used to use it in order to see the customer email address.Let's say I get a mail from an unregistered client - I can see in the ticket the email address the ticket was opened from (see Capture.PNG) - but after connecting the ticket to a registered customer this email address is replaced with the customer name (with a link to the customer profile) - there is no way to see the original mail sender (email address or sender).Until recently I could revert the ticket to an unregistered client - and the original sender and email address was available again in the ticket.The way to revert the ticket to an unregistered client was by changing the option tab in the ticket system - I could add customer number 0 and the ticket was revert to unregistered customer, but now with the new way to connect a ticket to a customer (typing the name) I can't find a way to do it.see Capture (11).PNG with the new way to connect a ticket to a customer and see Capture2.PNG with the old way of doing it (replacing the client ID to 0 was the way to convert the ticket to an unregistered client).Please add such an option back to the system.Thanks!Ram


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this can be done with a hook, i will look in to creating something and post here with an update
Thanks for the clarification.

The two requests have been merged into this one.
@ramf In searching for that request title, I'm not finding the request; and clicking on the link you have provided brings me back to this same page. Before I posted our request, I was not able to find an existing one that matches.