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Ability to reissue WHMCS licences via the WHMCS licence reseller module

  • Rowan Scott shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Automation
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Currently, how the WHMCS licence reseller module operates in regard to reissuing licences is the client has to contact your company's support team to get their licence reissued. Instead what I propose is that the user can reissue their licence within the client area without having to contact the support team.

This would allow for less of the support team's time taken up by easy requests and ease and accessibility for the user.

Since this is already possible on the admin side of WHMCS, it shouldn't be too difficult to integrate into the client-side.

This would be a great addition to the module.


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Hi Rowan,
Thanks for taking the time to submit this idea.

The reason that option isn't currently provided in the WHMCS License Reseller module, is to help with enforcement of the license conditions. If end-users are able to self reissue licenses, I could foresee it being misused to reissue licenses off your network, which could be a problem for resellers.

Is there perhaps some way to satisfy both criteria?
Hiya John. Thanks for your reply.

The idea which I have which may satisfy both criteria is this.

The end-user could reissue licences themselves in the client area. Then, a system administrator will need to approve this reissue within let’s say 48 hours.

This way, the end user gets the licence reissued instantly when they want it and also the admin can insure that there isn’t a violation of the tos.

How does that sound?