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Ability to exclude configurable options from promotion discounts.

  • frhost shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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Have had issues with promo codes also discounting cPanel or additional IP's instead of just the product we wish to discount. There seems to be no issue if it was a separate product, but configurable options always seem to get discounted too.
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    Apply discounts only to products (not add ons)
    Would be great have an option who determine if the discount must be applied to the whole order or only to the product, i.e. Dedicated server = $199.95cPanel addon = $30invoice total = $229.95invoice total with a 10% discount promo = $206.95if the discount would be applied only to the product, the invoice total:Dedicated Server = $199.95Dedicated Server with a 10% discount = $179.95cPanel addon = $30invoice total = $209.95


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with the latest implementation of cpanel tiered licensing with sub-type of each type of product license, this kind of feature really need to get realized soon. we can't make any promotion for our vps/cloudserver/dedicated server because it would discount all the optional configurable option too, we need to exclude the configurable option so that discount can be applied to base product only.
Yes, don't know why still It's pending for consideration. It should be implemented.
It is very important function , without this function the promotion feature will be useless totally
I'm still losing money because of this problem.
Hope WHMCS will include this function in v7.9.
Any update for this? We're having to switch every configurable option over to an addon now so that we can run sales and not discount every single option and it's not an easy thing to do. 58 votes is a lot more than many of the other implemented requests here.
Recently we are also facing the same issue with whmcs. And we are unable to exclude configuration from discount.
I would vote 1000 times for this if I could. Your competitors have this and we really should have the option to include / exclude configurable options when creating a promo code. It took me awhile to find this topic again and so I'd guess there aren't enough votes because this request feature of the WHMCS site is hard to navigate.
I would like to see this added too. It's very common that an install fee or other configurable option is a part of the service and shouldn't be discounted. I think on the promo code setup page, a check box could be added that says 'exclude configurable options' from discount being applied. Fingers crossed to see this sooner rather than later.
It is possible to do this with hooks, the real problem is they way the hooks display the price the end user that we have to highly edit the cart template just to get a view that makes sense when using a hook to run some promotions.
Just about to submit a request and found that this useful feature had been requested since 6 years ago. 6 YEARS.
Hi there,
With an average of about 7 votes per year, this suggestion has not yet made it on to our roadmap. Thanks for your vote, I'm sure if others share your desire for this feature that could change in future!
I think this should be a deafult option regardless of votes due to the fact every large hosting company can do this on their systems. Why shouldn't one if the most popular hosting automation platforms not.
I completely agreed!
I'm giving free domains as a promotion when signing up. But because I can't choose to exclude the addons, I have to give id protection away for free too.

It's definitely a problem and should be included regardless of the amount of upvotes here in my opinion.
We should have a way to not apply the promocode to the configurable options. This design choice is killing some basic products setup and promotion as we often want to apply the promo to the product only...
I think this could be done with an additional check box asking whether or not the discount is applied to configurable options. It is an extremely useful feature. Especially when site owners want to have the add on synced with the parent product during renewal so they create a configurable option instead of an add on.

An example is an SSL certificate with an Install. During the order, I think most don't want to discount the install and in the case of using the SSL Store module where they renew 30 days early, the Install charge would be in sync to renew at that same time.
Talking about discounts, folks please take a look at this new hook request.

It'd very useful
any progress on this WHMCS?
We need this option promptly