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Itemise automation actions taken by the cron in the daily report emails

Eduardo González shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Restore the previous to V7 style of cron jobs email template where we had lot of info about suspensions, invoices...., not now we only have the number of actions taken and we need to go to the long activity job to find important things..

For example, before the v7 update on the email I received notifications of what accounts were suspended or what accounts had problems to suspensions or invoice notifications like this:

1 Unpaid Invoice Payment Reminders Sent to Invoice Numbers 4055

3 Overdue Invoice Reminders Sent
- Sent First Notice to User XXXXX
- Sent First Notice to User YYYYY
- Sent First Notice to User ZZZZZZ

3 Services Suspended
- SUCCESS: Reseller 1 - xxx.es - Tim Burton (Service ID: 499 - User ID: 342)
- SUCCESS: Básico - yyyyy.com - Roger Moore (Service ID: 670 - User ID: 211)
- SUCCESS: Avanzado - zzzzzz.com.es - Pamela Anderson (Service ID: 610 - User ID: 404)

0 Services Suspended
- ERROR: Manual Suspension Required - Function Not Supported by Module - Dedicated S1 - server.xxxx.comm - Brad Pitt (Service ID: 70 - User ID: 25)

The problem is now we have only the number of items on each event, so, we need to navigate to the looooong activity report to find each cancelation or problem. This is not usefully, because when we received the emails with cancelations before update we can take action immediately.

I think this is a BIG fail on the new version of WHMCS

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I only just upgraded from v6 to v7 and found out about this, the hard way. This really needs to be fixed! WHMCS support provided some helpful hints in case we want to roll our own solution to this. I hope the devs are keen in moving this forward, since it's such a big part of hosting automation.


Need detailed log as v5 and v6 . we can't find failed suspentions and terminations, although the modulequeue.php is empty!


I can only agree with my colleagues. The old overview must be re-integrated immediately. The current one is simply useless, you look for a needle in a haystack.