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Default Sort & Deleting Times & quick start time option

Carly Black shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration

I love the new 2.0, it's great, but there are a couple of features that I preferred in the original. It would be great if these could come back:

1. Be able to choose the default view on the project home screen. at the moment it's defaulting to all the old completed tasks, I'd like to see my current incomplete straight up when I open the project screen.

2. We used to be able to delete a time entry if it was started by mistake. Now I can't delete any time entries

3. I like the idea of the quick start timer, BUT it's actually more work, because I have to create the task, click quick start and then when I stop the timer remember to go over to time tracking and assign it to a task. Before it was just a really quick click of a button next to the task name.

Hope these are considered as I feel like something that was designed to speed things up have actually slowed them down a little.

all in all though, love the new features.

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Yup, agreed! Loving the new interface, but that first issue is a big annoyance for us... why would we want to select Incomplete and click the Search button every time we go to the projects dashboard?


Agreed! When I create a new task then go to time management to assign to it, it doesn't show up for several minutes.