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Products Links SEO Friendly URLs

javierrebelde shared this idea 4 years ago

Right now the products links are like this


will be better for seo purpose to have them like this


right now google webmaster tolls detects products links like non seo friendly.

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I have actually used mod rewrite rules for my friendly URLs the problem is the new template system broke my links LOL


I voted for this. I am annoyed by having to update main website and WHMCS. I would prefer to use WHMCS to manage everything.

Any ETA for this?


Not forgetting if using WHMCS for design part too it can be less of a security issue as not having to use integration with WordPress etc. That is important given WHMCS is the billing system. GDPR etc.

WHMCS could charge extra for basic CMS type functionality so many can do away with separate HTML/CMS (WordPress). Easier to maintain and could be more secure.