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Products Links SEO Friendly URLs

javierrebelde shared this idea 5 years ago
In Progress

Right now the products links are like this


will be better for seo purpose to have them like this


right now google webmaster tolls detects products links like non seo friendly.

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Friendly URLs for product groups have always been possible via htaccess, what we need is the ability to have custom rewrite URLs for store pages which currently do not seem to be rewritable to anything other than the internal whmcs URL.

I want to be able to install my WHMCS in say folder /home/ but use different language based URLS e.g. /en/store/sitelock and /it/store/sitelock and have the language change based on which one I browse to. I can do this in htaccess for most of the site URLs but the ones you have moved to Laravel like the store pages don't allow it and just return a 404 error if you try to rewrite them.


Yes that will be great if uniqye title and description for each product group it's easy for them use seo


We have SEO mobule for it :)