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Product Addon with Quantity

Michael Kruger shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

It appears that one cannot create a product addon and allow the customer to specify the quantity they desire.

This would be usefull in a scenario where I want to sell a dedicated server (the product) and allow a customer to specify the quantity of IP addresses (the addon) they wish to purchase.

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I really need to let my clients specify how many of a given addon they want. I need to set a one-time payment option and relate it to a given product, so my clients can specify how much they need of that one-time payment thing with their new product. This is only possible through an addon because of the different payment period that is needed.

I hope you can include this on v7.2!



We need this! We rely on the configurable options to specify quantity, and need to do the same for product addons. We have such a manual process now till this can be fixed, since we cannot expose it on the order form.


I am out of votes, have been for a while, don't know how to get more... I think this is a must have... I don't want to rely on configuration, I'd rather be able to use the addons... because some things are true addons, not "configuration" of the main product... so having a qty SHOULD be really easy, and already done. Please, Please do it for the next upgrade.