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Payment Gateway processing Fee

Naval saini shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Hello All,

I want that whmcs should have an option where we can add a % amount of total invoice amount + any fixed amount.

For example paypal takes : Selling is 4.4% + $0.30 USD per sale.

and some gate takes a fix % amount of total sale.

I have seen some 2 - 3 addon for this but no one is reliable as all developed by 3rd party. and some are paid.

So i request from WHMCS developers kindly add this feature in next updates.


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With the option of having a fixed % as per the OP, I think having the fees already listed in the transactions shown to the client on their invoice/customer facing areas might also be helpful.

Showing a breakdown for clarity would do wonders.

  • Subtotal
  • Tax 1
  • Tax 2
  • Credit
  • Processing/Merchant Fees
  • Total

As a bonus, adding ICANN domain fees and breakdowns would be nice.


Except Client.. option


I know someone who had their account (at a payment gateway) terminated for doing this. Some gateways have a TOS that prohibits this ;)