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Option for contacts to receive replies only for tickets they have opened.

SoHoIT shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Would it be possible for only the Primary contact and the contact who opened a support ticket to receive email notifications for that ticket. Currently we have clients who have upto 50 contacts and as it stands every contact under the client gets an email notification for every update to every ticket - even the ones they have no interest in. This seems insane.

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Have added to this Vote.

Also if you login as a subcontact - you can see ever single ticket logged by account. Would be good if a subcontact can only see their own tickets logged...especially if its a support ticket with sensitive info - eg billing or terminating of employee - only the primary contact should be seeing these. Even have ability to hide ticket from view, or set who has access to that specific ticket.



There are almost 200 votes about this problem.

As far as I know WHMCS are aware of this problem and this is not something they are working on / planing to solve.

In my opinion this is a major issue and a very big problem.

Please see the full scenario here:


I guess that the only way to change it is to vote on the feature request and hope for the best...


Agreed, this needs to be sorted soon.

This is one of the major issues as it feels as if subcontacts have been an afterthought anyway (this issue, the 2-factor login, etc) as all sub contact related issues seem to be ignored still whilst they are so Very important.

We hear complaints about this almost every single day from clients.

(Let's see if, for once, a critical note Is published as they usually get deleted)