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Official Server Monitoring Utility - Check For Specified Services

Anonymous shared this idea 5 years ago
In Progress

I would like to see improvements on the WHMCS IP Monitor.

I saw some websites (i.e.: Softlayer) offer to their customers to get

their server / website monitored by ping method. If the server goes

offline, the customer receive an email. This way, the customer see he's

server is alway up and running, so they can get confident we are

delivering a good quality of web hosting.

We added a similar offer on our website. We saw this was a great way

to increase the value of our hosting packages. We would like to see our

whmcs installation act like a monitoring service for both internal and

external ip / websites with this addon module.

Right now, it's only a configurable option we need to setup manualy. We

are only able to monitor every 5 minutes, and customers have no control

on this feature : they need to open a ticket to request a change. We

are also unable to change the email the customer receive and add more

infos on what to do if they receive this email.

**We would like the ability to :

- modify the email the customer receive if the ip do not respond. The

default template should provide some instructions on what to do if

customer receive this email (i.e.: login to the account, and restart

services, open a ticket, etc...)

- if the customer want to monitor a website instead of an ip, to check

the website adress for content / common error, not only for ping


- ability to decide if we want to check for content only, or only verify

if the server get the ping response on the ip only, or both.

- ability for the customer to decide if they want to receive the alerts by email, sms, or not.

- ability to setup different ping verification intervals : 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, etc...

I invite you to reply to this thread, and tell me if you are interrest into such features!


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Any update on this?


I cannot understand why WHMCS staff have kept this (high ranking) topic "In Progress" for a number of years without providing any kind of update or changing the status. It makes the community appear dead, although I know that's not the case because there are other topics being updated/approved.

Please WHMCS, could you provide a realistic status for this topic? It has been "In Progress" for a long time. The same goes for other top ranking topics which are "Under Investigation". It would make sense to clean your top ranking topics and give them accurate statuses! I don't actually support this suggestion but it's frustrating that the features request website appears abandoned in some areas.

Thank you


Any updates ?