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Multiple Billing Accounts using One Login

Rob Dokuchie shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

We desperately need to be able to use ONE login for multiple billing accounts.

I'd prefer a username and password login, after which the client could view each of their billing accounts.

We have multiple clients who have multiple businesses, but only want to use one email for correspondence. Changing WHMCS to utilize username/password instead of email/password would allow us to create seperate billing accounts under the same contact.

No sub accounts won't suffice, no forwarders are not a solution, and yes we do have more than one client who needs this.

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I can see this being incredibly useful. Voted! :)


Are there any updates on this? I have a customer who I sold different services and I don't want to create several different account for each service that needs to be billed on a different CC.


This is sorrily needed.

We have one large client with over 20 different company names.

Each company must be billed with that companies name on the invoice mostly for tax implications.

All billings still go to the same contact and email but we should be able to assign different company names to each product.

At current it requires 20 different accounts to accommodate them and 20 different emails to set up.

Why each product can not be assigned to a different company name within one account is beyond me.

That's all it takes nothing more complicated than that.