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Multiple Billing Accounts using One Login

Rob Dokuchie shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

We desperately need to be able to use ONE login for multiple billing accounts.

I'd prefer a username and password login, after which the client could view each of their billing accounts.

We have multiple clients who have multiple businesses, but only want to use one email for correspondence. Changing WHMCS to utilize username/password instead of email/password would allow us to create seperate billing accounts under the same contact.

No sub accounts won't suffice, no forwarders are not a solution, and yes we do have more than one client who needs this.

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Totally agree this is very important feature and we are waiting too long to be implemented.


Can someone explain this more effectively, how this could work? Here is an example I think would not be good:

Bob - eMail = account@email.com - Username = bobuser

Mary - eMail = account@email.com - Username = maryuser

Bob want's ONLY to see his invoices, services, products, etc. when bobuser logs in.

Mary want's ONLY to see her invoices, services, products, etc. when maryuser logs in.

Here's the problem ==> All invoices go to: account@email.com so everyone with access to that email account sees everything!

I think the suggestion to use usernames (instead of email addresses) for WHMCS accounts is a great idea! Yes, totally, that's good!

The issue I see, is that the person(s) who access that email account and see all invoices, have a problem when they want to log in to make payments, changes, order new services, terminate others. How are they going to do this, when Bob and Mary have separate accounts? Now make it interesting... 200 service invoices, spread over 129 login accounts, all sending email to a single email address. The accountant / bookkeeper receiving all of them, needs to adjust 37 services, but has to figure out which login account they go to (there are 129 of them), and then they have no access, because all the "Bob's" and "Mary's" have their own (private) login account credentials, which should not be given out.

Maybe a solution is as follows?


Bob - eMail = bobemail@email.com - Username = bobuser (ONLY able to access "Bob" related products, invoices, etc.)

Mary - eMail = maryemail@email.com - Username = maryuser (ONLY able to access "Mary" related products, invoices, etc.)

Accountant - eMail = account@email.com - Username = accountantuser (MASTER able to access Everyone's related products, invoices, etc. for this master account).

eMailed invoices:

Bob - eMail = bobemail@email.com - Username = bobuser (user can turn off invoice email messages)

Mary - eMail = maryemail@email.com - Username = maryuser (user can turn off invoice email messages)

Accountant - eMail = account@email.com - Username = accountantuser (user always receives invoice email messages)

Finally, one thing we have found, a fair number of clients go the other way... They want a separate login for each business, and they use separate email accounts for each business. Some clients just wanted it that way (separated login / profile for each business; others had separate accountants for each business, paying with different methods, and needed that separation.

Maybe it's better to create some add-on module for the "Multiple Billing Accounts using One Login" feature? (For those who want to use it).


I suppose you could do it this way, but the way I would see it, is that you'd link accounts to a Reseller / Customer sort of level, like cPanel does.

Reseller A owns customer accounts for Customer A, B, C, all emails need to be unique still of course, but the billing contact for Customer A,B,C is Reseller A, so they receive all the bills and can log in to their customer area and view outstanding invoices for all their customers.


Interesting! :)

We have resellers too...

But... They each have multiple items under "products/services", they separately bill their clients (in whatever manner they wish), and we bill the reseller for each product/service via WHMCS. They (the resellers) are our client, and they (the resellers) in turn have several of their own clients (managed by their own billing systems).

Using the cPanel concept, then perhaps it's a good idea for this to be a separate module (instead of in the core)?

A module where resellers would use the same WHMCS install to bill their clients (under "reseller" account credentials); and of course they could set up their own product/service items with their own costs. naturally, they'd need a way to use their reseller branding. Maybe it's possible for them to use a separate databases (in case something goes wrong, it won't effect the whole WHMCS installation).


I do not know if everyone else would agree but for me personally, I just need a contact to be able to be linked to multiple Clients with a set of permissions for each link. Each Client would still have a unique email but a contact could log in and be asked which Client it wanted to see, e.g. immediately after login, check to see if the contact is linked to multiple clients, if so, show a dialog to choose the client they wish to see. Once they have chosen, from then on, everything is the same as it is now, except it would need to show which client they were viewing at the top in the username bit and allow them to switch client from there by invoking the same dialog. I agree this could be a module but it would make sense to include this in the core code as it is only an OPTION, if people do not want to do this, do not link contacts to multiple clients!! Seems simple really...