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Multiple Billing Accounts using One Login

Rob Dokuchie shared this idea 8 years ago

We desperately need to be able to use ONE login for multiple billing accounts.

I'd prefer a username and password login, after which the client could view each of their billing accounts.

We have multiple clients who have multiple businesses, but only want to use one email for correspondence. Changing WHMCS to utilize username/password instead of email/password would allow us to create seperate billing accounts under the same contact.

No sub accounts won't suffice, no forwarders are not a solution, and yes we do have more than one client who needs this.

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Dear John.

I really hope this "new revisit of the relationship" you mentioned will help us solve some of the issues I mentioned in the past:

The main issue here is that there is no real distinction between contacts, sub accounts and main contact / master account holder.

As far as I see it the system should be built around companies with contacts /sub accounts that works in the company and one account (the master account holder) that have access to everything while each contacts /sub accounts can access and manage only his information.

The company itself should not have any direct contact information - It should serve just as a "container" to hold all the company contacts, products, services, domains, invoices and transactions etc. All the other information should be in a contacts /sub accounts level


In general this is the things that are not handled by the current way it's working in WHMCS:

1. When a sub account log in to the customer side - he see all the tickets from all the other employees of the company . there is no way for him to see and manage only his information - there is an option to manage and see information on the company / main account level or not to have such an option at all - there is no management of information related to a specific contact only.

The system should work in a way that each contact / sub account can log in to the customer area and be able to see and manage only his tickets and information and see only the information we are allowing him to see and manage in the company level.

2. The Merge Fields is the ticket system and in the email system show the main account holder information - so if a contact will open a ticket he will get an automatic replay with the main account holder name etc.

The Merge Fields in the ticket system and the email system should reflect the relevant contact / sub account information and not only the master account holder.

3. There is no way to send a Quote to a contact / sub account.

There should be a way to send a Quote directly to a specific contact and not just to the master account holder. such a Quote should be visible in the client area only to the relevant contact / sub account and to the master account holder that can see everything.

Maybe this issue was fixed in version 7.10 - I`ll need to check it out.

4. In the ticket list we will still see under the submitter field the main account holder name - even when a ticket was opened by a contact / sub account.

In the ticket list we should see the name of the contact /sub account that submitted the ticket with the company name in brackets (like we see now in the ticket after we open it).

5. All the current customer level options should be available in the contact / sub account level: custom fields, 2FA, separate product list, opening a ticket, information management and so on.


I think that having the option to stop sending emails to the master account holder that you added recently - is a nice step, but very very far from the main issue here that related to the way WHMCS are working with contacts /sub accounts and the main account holder.




Wow! I’m flabbergasted!?! 7 years of patience pays off?!?

From the blog:


And I'm excited about what we're going to be delivering in Version 8.0 - my top 5 are:

1. Shared users for client login and management - this gives people the ability to have a single user account that has access to multiple different client accounts under a single login credential set - this presents a significant shift in the user authentication model for WHMCS and delivers on our most highly requested open feature request today.


Q: Can you tell us more about the Shared Users feature?

Yes this is a big one. Authentication and user management is such a fundamental part of any system, so a change like this is a massive undertaking - but one I think we've got right.

To deliver this, we have had to completely re-imagine the relationship between clients and users. Think of clients, soon to be called "accounts" as the entity that owns services, and users, as the human operators that have permission to login and operate on them.

The new functionality will allow one user - one human operator - to have a single login that allows him or her access to switch between and manage multiple client "accounts" seamlessly, creating a much more flexible and powerful solution for the modern web host and managed service provider market.


Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce that the 8.0 public beta is now live, featuring Users! Please test it out, and let us know your feedback during the pre-release period.

Beta information: https://beta.whmcs.com

Feature documentation: https://docs.whmcs.com/Users_And_Accounts

Discussion: https://whmcs.community/topic/301442-users-and-client-accounts/