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Let clients select what emails they want to receive

jeffer shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Some of my clients ask if it was possible to select what mails they want to receive.

It seems i can only select a few mails on client basis but the client is not able to select anything themsellf.

We have to fool around with contacts (which cannot use the same email account as client) to make things work now.

This is not the way to go. In europe there is an AVG / GDPR law...people should be able to select what mails they want to receive and which not to receive.

For now these options should be more or less:

- Bulk mails

- Ticket mails (some contacts may want these mails but the client itsellf doesn't want these mails)

- Ticket status change mails (status changed to closed for ticket)

- Renewal mails for domains (it should not even send an email if they have automatic renewal)

- Renewal mails for other products

- Order confirmation mails

There are probably more mails that i can't think of right now but this should be a great basis to work from.

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Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestion.

Our present understanding of such regulations require the ability for customers to opt-out of specifically marketing emails. These options can be enabled per this documentation: https://docs.whmcs.com/Marketing_Emails_Automation

Other emails would be requested by the client in order to deliver the service they have purchased; for example order configuration and notifications of upcoming charges are mandatory under law in many territories.

There may be other options that clients could opt-in/out from, so I'd love to hear other's comments.


I've got clients who use automatic invoice processing tools and do not want to receive invoice confirmation emails once they've paid the invoice.

So that'd be something that'd be good to be able to turn off on a user by user basis.


I have some clients with alott of domains and they would like to set options to receive reminders or not. I do not want to do this with usergroups and hooks. Clients feel the need to set these settings themsellfs.


Domain Reminders are required by the ICANN: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/reminders-2013-05-03-en

The Customer should not be able to opt out of this.

But in general it would be a nice feature. But I would have another idea, maybe its better to inform the Customer about new Mails which he can view in the Clientarea like Invoices, Reminders, Order Conformation etc. which he can select if he want the Mail directly or he want to view and download it. Like many Banks in Germany alread do, they call it "e-mailbox", i only get the Information there is something new, but not what exactly, i need to login to view it.


Maybe the answer is in the new 7.10 Client Email Preferences:



this will be very useful