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Disable the WYSIWYG on mass mail

Harry O'Connor shared this idea 6 years ago
Already Possible

So I just sent out an email to all of my clients which had duplicate content on it because the preview did not show some nested HTML. I do not want a HTML editor on my email, plain text please!

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The Enable/Disable Rich Text Editor button can be sued for this purpose. Or to disable it system-wide, rename or remove the /assets/js/tiny_mce directory.


Disabling the editor does not work as expected. If you follow these steps:

* Open an e-mail template

* Disable Rich-Text editor

* Type your own HTML code manually

* Save the template

* Open the template again

At this point the Rich-Text editor is automatically re-enabled and the HTML messed up. You can disable the Rich-Text editor again, but it will show you the HTML that the Rich-Text editor messed up, not the HTML that you saved earlier.

This makes it very tedious to create nice HTML e-mails that use HTML beyond the editor's capabilities.