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Disable Email to the main account e-mail

jan dijk shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Unfortunately there are no options within WHMCS at this time to disable all the emails being sent to the Main account email address. Thus If a client has many contacts and you have many support people working for that client, then the main account gets spammed with a lot of emails, there is no way to disable the main account to not recieve these updates.

the only workarround is to add an dummy email for the main account and add it as contact.i hope for your votes to add these options.

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Yes, great idea.

There should be a distinction between each contact so we can send reply only to the relevant contact - without bothering the main contact of the customer company.

You can see similar request here:




So there are several requests regarding several things:

1. Make a distinction between each contact so we can send reply only to the relevant contact - without bothering the main contact of the customer company.

2. When a customer calls us we open a new ticket on his behalf with his mail address, After we open the ticket - there is no way to see the email address we open the ticket on. Please note that i'm talking about a not registered customer - so there is no customer profile or something like that.

3. Some times a customer send a mail to 3rd party with us in CC - and it's open anew ticket for us - but there is no way to know that the customer sent the mail to 3rd party and not to us.

this is the relevant requests:

13 votes - Ability to view the email address for a support ticket


11 votes - Client Contact Ticket Management


6 votes - Disable Email to the main account e-mail


3 votes - Support ticket notifications - limit to contact participating


2 votes - Improve email personalisation


total of 35 votes regarding the problem with the contact management in the ticket system.




Need better handling for SubAccount and Tickets.


Hi all,

I think it's time to solve once and for all the problem with the ticket system and email templates - regarding the main contact / master account holder receiving all the emails - even the ones regarding a ticket that was opened by a sub account or a contact person from his organization.

The current state creates an overburden on the "master account holder" and causes misunderstandings who opens the ticket and so on (not to mentioned the spam to unnecessary participants).

Please follow this scenario:

- We have a company (let's name her "Macrosoft Ltd").

- We have in our WHMCS 4 contacts:

1. The master account holder - let's say his name is Tom Cruise and his rule is purchasing manager.

2. The support manager - Matt LeBlanc.

3. The sales manager - John Oliver.

4. The CEO - Elizabeth Tudor

Problem #1:

- When Matt opens a ticket he get an automated mail stating:

Tom Cruise (Macrosoft Ltd),

Thank you for contacting our support team. A support ticket has now been opened for your request and you will be notified by email when a response is made.

- Please note that the ticket was opened by Matt LeBlanc - not by Tom Cruise!!

Matt ask himself - WTF... I opened this ticket not Tom...

- The same mail is sent also to the "master account holder" - Tom Cruise.

Tom ask himself - WTF... I don't recall opening any ticket lately....

Problem #2:

- In our WHMCS we see under the submitter field - Tom Cruise (Macrosoft Ltd) (although the ticket was opened by Matt LeBlanc) - only when looking inside the ticket we can see that is was submitted by "Matt LeBlanc (Macrosoft Ltd) Contact"

Problem #3:

- Any reply we make to Matt LeBlanc's ticket is also sent to Tom Cruise

Tom ask himself - WTF... why do I keep getting this mails? (now take under consideration that Tom gets such an emails for all the tickets opened by Matt, John and Elizabeth - it can accumulate to lots of mails that's spams Tom mailbox!!!)

Problem #4:

- Let's say we want to sent a new quote to Elizabeth Tudor the CEO of Macrosoft Ltd

Again the quote is sent to Tom (and any other contact that have the relevant Email Notifications setting) and to Elizabeth.

and again - the name in the mail and on the quote is Tom and not Elizabeth!!

Actually any email template that have the {$client_name} merge fields will be of Tom regardless who is the relevant contact that should receive such a mail / notification / quote etc.

To sum it all up - there is a huge mix-up and confusion while using the Clients Information / master account holder information/ {$client_name}merge fields not to mentioned the amount of spam received to the email address registered under the Clients Information / master account holder.

This is something relevant to any customer with more then one contact - so I'm sure that lots of WHMCS users face the same problem.

If those problems weren't enough let's have few more:

Problem #5

- Sometimes John Oliver sends a mail to Matt LeBlanc and add us in this mail in CC. A new ticket is opened with John Oliver set as the relevant contact.

- Like stated before - Tom get's the email (and his name in the mail)

- There is no way for us to see we are not the ones this mail is sent to (we are only in CC on the original mail).

- If we reply to this ticket - only John (and Tom) will get the answer - nothing will be sent to Matt (unless we manually add his mail to the CC of the ticket - but there is no indication for us to do so).

To sum it all up,

I can't see the logic or advantages in the current situation - It create lots of problems and spam in any company that have more then one contact.

I think that creating a clear and strict use of the relevant contact across WHMCS ticket, email templates and any other part of WHMCS - is mandatory.

Every act we do should be related to a specific contact and only him.

In the Feature requests system I found several relevant request:

12 votes - Client Contact Ticket Management


7 votes - Disable Email to the main account e-mail


4 votes - Support ticket notifications - limit to contact participating


4 votes - Improve email personalisation


Total of 27 votes regarding the problem with the contact management.

I think that WHMCS team should read this post and see the problems stated here and find a solution A.S.A.P

But If from some strange reason it's not obvious this issue should be fixed - please please please add your votes.








Yes I need this. Main account holder wants everything to go to sub account. But there is no way to "switch off" the support and billing to the account owner.


for sure, been looking into this for a while as I have the same problem. Deleting or using dummy email won't work, because that's used for sending welcome emails and other notifications.... just need to add option that it won't be emailed every time contact opens support ticket. can't be that difficult?


I am strongly in favour for this - especially if we could disable all emails to the primary account (login) user and only use contacts to communicate...

I have several dozen resellers that would benefit from not getting multiple emails.



I voted for the feature because this really is a problem. See here my predicament:

My clients are larger companies, the person who pays the invoices is a differen person who needs the support. Right now i have set the master account holder to the person who needs to pay the invoices, it's someone in the administration department of that company. However this person does not have anything to do with the product that we provide itself. Now the manager of their operational department calls me and i want to make a ticket i am forced to send an e-mail to the person working at the administration department as well even though this person has nothing to do with that support request.

I also find it strange that you cannot change the recipients after the ticket has been created. I can only change the CC recipients in the Options tab.