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Automated cancellation status without termination when invoices are not paid

Robert P shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

We would like to request for a new feature to have a mechanism to automatically set a product status to "Cancelled" at the end of the billing cycle and is left unpaid.

We can see automation settings for Suspension and Termination, but we don't want to use that - we just want to cancel it.

Thank you!

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I'd like to understand more about the benefit to you of stopping the billing for a service whilst still providing the service to a customer?



We want to have the "Cancelled" status if the client is not able to pay his invoice beyond the due date.

We have been doing this manually, and it would be nice to have an automatic mechanism for this.



Hi WHMCS - Any updates on this? Will this feature be coming anytime soon?