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Announcements base image upload (just like the Knowledge base image upload)

Aumcara shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration

I love the fact that "Knowledge base" will in the new version be able to support the image upload functions.

That will nt be too complicated to integrate now that the the Knowledge base is supporting this function.

Just like Ross Gerring (Knowledge base image upload) explain it in his post, it appears that the only way to include an image is to reference a URL to an existing image, as opposed to being able to select and upload an image directly into an article.

This features will be just perfect in order to enrich the Announcements articles.

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This option will be really usefull because I need post articles with images!


It is necessary that you have this option, it has already been added in tsupportkb.php, but it needs to be added in supportannouncements.php