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Allow customer to renew hosting product at any time

Gossimer shared this idea 7 years ago

Right now if the customer would like to renew their hosting early, they have to contact us because there is no option to renew for web hosting in WHMCS. Currently the only way to renew before due date:

1. Goto the clients details admin area page.

2. From the summary tab scroll down, select the product and then click the

button "Invoice selected items".

It would be great if the customer could renew there hosting just like they can renew their domains at any time.

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This is a very important feature yet it has not been implemented. This is making clients to always contact support to generate an invoice for hosting renewal. We currently use modulegarden but the renew button is hidden under the hosting section. We want our clients to be able to renew the hosting easily without contacting us. It would be fine if there is a hosting renew link under services menu just like there is domain renew is under domain menu. This time the domain name should be tied to the hosting once client try to renew.

Can you please integrate the hosting renewal urgently please. This is a very useful feature I believe everyone needs.


This is Planned since last 7 Years, Hope this is present in v8 , this is a must feature for a Billing System like WHMCS

@WHMCS can you please update the status


Big +1! We want it! :-)