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Add "send as SMS" option to the tickets system

ramf shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration


Can you please add "send as SMS" option to the tickets system?

Now we can sent emails to our customers via the ticket system, but sometime sending an email is not good enough and we need to send SMS to the customer regarding his case (with urgent information or when there is a problem with his mail or after sending several mails without a response etc).

There are several modules that add SMS support to WHMCS (you need to buy the module and to have an account with a SMS gateway provider):





and probably some others as well.

There is also a free module (you still need to have an account with a SMS gateway provider):


But none of the modules above are connected to the ticket system.

I think that adding a "send as SMS" option to the tickets system will help lots of customers using WHMCS ticket system.

Main aspects of the system should be:

1. Add the option to send and receive SMS to and from a specific contact that the ticket is opened on - via the ticket system (add another tab like the reply tab - or add an option to select if the reply will be sent via sms or mail).

Please note that the SMS should be sent to the relevant contact only - not to any other phone number.

Maybe there should also be a way to add an ad hock number to sent the SMS to.

See Untitled1.png attached.

2. Each SMS (sent or received) should be added to the regular correspondence in the ticket system. There should be an indication if the massage was sent or received via SMS

See Untitled2.png attached.

3. There should be a way to use the predefined reply to send SMS (If we use a new button in the same tab - like option #2 in Untitled1.png - there shouldn't be a problem).

What do you think?



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It would also be nice if we had read receipts for our emails , I tried using the bcc to use hubspot read receipts but it did not work


I think the ship is turning on this and now SMS seems to be picking back up in popularity due to high volumes of email SPAM. Go figure.


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