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WHMCS to use caching

havenswift-hosting shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Allow the choice of using Memcached or Redis caching

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It doesn't matter how big the database is, caching helps reduce the load on the server. This may not seem necessary when you have a bunch of users logged in, and may not matter much when you have server resources to handle more users. But, when you start getting into 1000s of users concurrently using WHMCS and every single page load querying database, you'll start seeing performance issues.

WHMCS is not really dynamic, not many things in WHMCS are updated in real-time or need to be updated every page load. Plus, cache can be invalidated on user action (ex: submitting a form or clicking a button) so data is refreshed. Plus, it should be expired. For example, if your bandwidth graph/data is updated every hour or so, why would you query data from database every page load? That doesn't make sense.

Certain things can be excluded from cache, like shopping cart.

The point is, WHMCS should provide support for object caching so we can use it if needed. WHMCS has an article about high availability that's based on a talk from CEO (i think). Caching and high availability go hand in hand.


Could be interesting to integrate with LiteSpeed Cache too :)


I agree with @v1ktor. Some parts of the app could be cached as they don't change as often (of course, with an expiry time). If we can control which content should be cached and which shouldn't, that could be a relief for a server for some users. Shopping cart and other data that are loaded in real time should never be cached.

It's not an important feature, but very useful one to have at hand.