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Update minFraud API

Cas Eliëns shared this idea 1 year ago
In Progress

the MaxMind minFraud API has recently been updated, WHMCS appears to now be using an old API.

I would like to see the minFraud implementation updated to support the most recent API.

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Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestion and votes on this idea thus far. We've been speaking with customers in other channels about the Maxmind module, and I'm pleased to advise we are currently planning an update to use the latest minFraud API in the upcoming vesion 7.6 update.


I'm surprised the MaxMind modules is not updated for so long. In particular because its the only real option when it comes to a fraud module and it works. Other solutions don't come close but they have made tons of changes to the service in the past years and WHMCS still uses all the old API functions. One of the weak points in WHMCS was always security related to fraud orders and this should absolutely get more love.