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Tax-Vat numbers need to be an integral part of WHMCS, including contacts

Jorge shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

We are having huge problems because WHMCS doesn't include a field for the VAT/Tax ID. This is mandatory in all the Euro zone.

The workaround is to use a custom field, but this has a lot of drawbacks.

-WHMCS contacts can't have custom fields. Invoices using WHMCS contacts are wrong. Wrong=illegal.

-Domain contacts don't have it either (it's required for .es domains, for instance).

-A lot of manual intervention is necessary for it to appear in invoices, etc.

-Custom fields can't be locked, so customers can change this field and ruin the invoices.I think this needs to be considered an integral part of WHMCS user profiles, including a migration script for everyone that has been using a custom contact. Whenever a contact appears in WHMCS, be it a customer, a "contact", or a domain contact, we need to have this field.It's even more important than the phone number.This should be a real field, just like "Address 2" is (which is a hardly used field, IMO, but featured all accross WHMCS).The VAT# field should appear everywhere:-Client Profile Summary page, under "Clients information"-WHMCS Contacts-Whois contacts, when necessary (.es, I think .eu as well)-Invoices-Reports-Search-Field options (so we can make it required, not-modifiable, etc.)It's a very real need for any business in the Euro zone.

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This is true. In Australia we must display the words across the top: TAX INVOICE

At the bottom ABN Number:


I am in Australia also and would love to see this. As a WHMCS dev I would also like the ability to see the use of VAT, especially for customers I assist in EU countries.


Any progress with this?

Now, we have to use custom fields for VAT number, but custom fields are not avalible for contacts. So, default billing contact option is not useful.