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Sync should mark domains that have been transferred out as Cancelled - or new state, "transferred out"

Jorge shared this idea 8 years ago

The sync script needs to check for domains that have been transferred out. Ideally it should mark them as "transferred out", an option which doesn't exist in WHMCS now. As a second best alternative, "Cancelled" could do.

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You do have a good point and all registers have different capabilities regarding the API. I think at this stage I agree with Jorge at lease give us a MANUAL "Transferred Out" and cause that domain to be hidden like old Products and Services are now.

That would go a LONG way in helping use manage and should be pretty easy to do I would think


I agree with Jorge. For example my registrar has his own messaging system which informs about various operations performed on domains like domain expiration, transferring out, authcode providing. Based on this informations I could write some cron task to just use this information to mark domains as transferred out on my end. We just need a transferred out status for domains for now.


The option to mark a domain as transferred out upon X times not detected is the best option in my opinion. In this way you prevent false positives and remove the admin work.

Untill this feature becomes available, I would suggest to add the domain status "Transferred out" so we can do it manually.