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Staff Payroll

Kane Steuer shared this idea 7 years ago
Currently Declined

I think there should be a feature to handle out going payments, have a section where admin's can define staff members, control their base wage / salary. For staff there is time sheets, online pay slips and payment request forms! Would be a great feature, I personally would use it!

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I though about registering over here and leaving my small idea in order to avoid creating a similar Feature Request.

It would be nice to be able to manage the following things in this feature (If added):

1 - Role Salary

2 - Log method (Per ticket replies, hourly, etc)

3- Additional Commissions

4- Payment Method (Wave?, Paypal, etc)

5- Payroll Dates

6- (Manager only) Strikes which will from the Total Amount depending of the Log Method.

7- Staff Shifts or Scheduler (In order to log per hour performance as an additional option of logging -good for analytics-)


Payroll management for staff at backend, sounds good feature request. I vote YES !


Hi all,

Thanks for your votes and comments. With so many excellent specialist payroll solutions out there already, we don't feel this is an area in which we could reach feature parity and then innovate. There are several reports related to work performance of staff already, and these could potentially be expanded if there was some particular dataset you would find useful? Please do let us know what you'd like to see for those in the reports section.